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The Bed

Here is my final video for the Narrative digital piece. The narrative is the construction of my new bed. The music used in the video is “Fig Leaf Rag” by Scott Joplin.  I am so happy to have finally finished the video and to see it up on youtube.

(If anyone else would like to download the soundtrack for themselves click the link below.
http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html/index.html?genre=Silent+Film+Score&page=1 )

Narrative Video Experiment – I Built a Bed

I finally put together the videos for the “I Built a Bed” and formed a semi final video for a Narrative experiment.
Even though I am not confident with making videos I quite enjoying this. It may be a little rough at times and the frames don’t quite flow together, but for a first attempt I am happy with the turn out.

I decided not to involve music at this current stage because 1: I was un-sure what type of music to put over the top. 2: We live in a world where we are constantly surrounded by noise. My head is full of noise, it won’t ever shut up (hence the bags under my eyes). The lack of noise gives the video a sense of stillness in a otherwise busy and somewhat stressful scenario. This is the kind of atmosphere that I wanted to create. (at the time I had my music blaring so it is a different contrast) There are a 2 scenes where there is sound. The 1st I am talking to the camera about a mistake I did, putting the side panels on the wrong sides and 2nd when my fiancee comes home. These 2 small scene break that sense of stillness just enough.

The reason why I decided to film me building the bed is because it is a mundane scenario, a little out of the everyday standard (I would hate to do that everyday, but it would build up your muscles though) and these are aspects of our day to day life that often get over looked, simply because they are everyday things we do. I enjoy the things in life that we take for granted or overlook, I personally find them very interesting. However, I strongly believe that everything we do, each individual has an interesting life. It just depends on how you look at it.

For this project I am really liking the concept of mundane and my life. This is a mundane aspect of my life that I decided to do. (Also I couldn’t wait for John to come and build our bed and the last one he made broke). It is also taking me out of my comfort zone. Although I like doing self-portraiture, I tend to hide my identity from the camera and those around me. I am introvert. I like my peace and quite as well as my boundaries and bubble. This is a slice of my life. Showing people a little bit of me. For example when John comes home, I never act like that with anyone other than him, and no one really see’s that side of me but him.

The video was made in iMovie and is a little over 5minutes. Each scene is sped up x20. Maybe I should have this playing in the background https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZeGW5sBfvo
I sped it up not only because I thought it looked better in this speed rather than x8, but also to shorten the video, with before hand was almost going on 10 minutes. I have a short attention span, if I wouldn’t sit through and watch it I am sure others wouldn’t.

Surprise I Made a Bed!

This video links in with https://blackthornphotography.wordpress.com/2014/02/05/experiment-i-built-a-bed/

I decided after all my hard work to surprise my fiancee and record him seeing the bed all put up. It was fun recording this and seeing his reaction. I will be posting the video of me actually building the bed later on once I have edited it and uploaded it to youtube.

It is strange hearing your own voice on video and I really don’t like listening to myself. The reason I have decided to use this as part of my experimentation is to do with my possible theme of “Life” or better yet “My Life”. I love surprising John and I strangely enjoy the mundane aspects of life (apart from washing up as I hate putting my hands in water other than shower or bath) Everyone’s life is interesting in different ways, even the every day aspects. Although a lot of us follow the same day to day rituals to a certain extent, but we all do them in different ways.

Although building a bed is a little out of the day to day, it is sill something mundane. I guess that is what I want to show. My life, even the mundane. From building a bed, interactions with friends and family, working, sleeping to putting make-up on.

Also, would this classify as a performance piece?

2 Second Film …

This is a very short (literally 2 seconds) on a train just as we get into London. It was meant to be longer, but my iPod battery gave way.

The video is one of my experiments for the Narrative project, linking into my life. It was a normal everyday interaction, and sight with my fiancee whilst on the train. I have lots of little random videos floating around that I will also be posting later.

Artist Research: Yaron Lapid

“The New Zero” – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZITNGD4zVgg (link to video)

“The New Zero” is a 3-minute video that consists of found images. Images that Yaron found; back in 1999 where from when he snuck into a demolition sight. Whilst there he found an envelope that contained negatives and portrait photographs from a photographic studio.

The top section or more to the point, the subject’s eyes were cropped out. The cropped images give a sense of lose of identity, however detail is gained through the subjects body posture, remaining features and clothing. Within the photographs there is a correlation between absence and presence. Although we can see the subject, the cropping of a key human feature, which we as humans tend to use to connect with people, is missing. This creates the illusion of absence.

The use of cropping the subjects eyes creates a sense of distances and also destabilizes the easiest and most notable way for the viewers to relate and create a connection to the subject. It also creates a sense of un-ease and dehumanization. In the slideshow (see link above to view video on YouTube) the images pan from the subject’s chest up to their face, fading out to the next just before the crop. This adds to the sense of distance.

” The negative space of this broken eye contact throws a new set of referents into focus: mouth, clothes, posture and pose. But these are not the soft mouths of faces unused to public gazes: these are mouths that are sculpted into shape for the camera, posed in seriousness, seductiveness, charm, officialness. However, the compositional shift reveals another soft informality in the bodies of the subjects: in their slouches, in the small wrinkles in their clothes, and in the angles at which they awkwardly sit.” – Ayesha Hameed

There is a correlation between the concept that the subject’s identity has been lost due to the crop, but also that the photographs and negatives themselves were lost or left behind when Yaron found them. From my point of view that is the narrative within these photographs, lost images, losing key aspects of their identity. These aspects add to the sense of un-happiness within them.

Yaron’s work has made me consider what would happen to my own work if I were to remove sections from them. Would if give them a new dimension? Would it help with the narrative? Would it create a new Narrative in comparison to the original? I find the concept of taking the photographs and putting them into a slideshow interesting. Bring them together in that format and with the up pan and fading out personally gave the images more definition than the paper format.

His work makes me feel a little un-settled. Eyes are the windows to your soul, you can find a lot out about how someone is feeling, sometime they ever work as lie detectors. In this circumstance, the lack of the subjects eyes unsettles me because there is not that connection you would receive looking at a portrait (including the eyes) or face to face with a person.