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Guest Talker: Finn Taylor


On Monday the 6th January we had a guest speaker come in called Finn Taylor. Some of you may have seen his work around before. Here is the link to his website : http://www.finntaylor.com. Finn is an amazing photographer and I was honoured to sit in his talk and listen to his advise and see his work. I found him very inspirational and felt as though he was actually talking to us and equals and as human beings.

Below are some of my notes from his talk: (This was a Professional Futures Talk, but I thought it would like in nicely to Narrative):

  • Try and push past the staged look
  • Having a story is important
  • Try and show something different, push past the boundaries of the norm
  • Practise everything that you do
  • Stick to your style or what you enjoy doing, learn and develop it
  • Don’t force people – get them comfortable – let them do their own thing (e.g put on some music and let them dance or sing)
  • Create environments for them
  • Always plan ahead with everything and create A, C, C of your plan
  • Prepare for everything e.g – camera breaks, have a back up – Spare batteries – Spare memory cards
  • Think of what will be more interesting with that person
  • Start getting in contact with Photographers that you like the work of and getting advice/ feed back on your work
  • Get advice, but also remember everyone has their own opinions and different advise. Pick and choose who you listen to
  • Be thick skinned

(Would just like to state that I do not own the Finn Taylor logo, I am using it as a design purpose for this blog post as a form of recognition to the photographer, as well as Finn Taylors Website link. )

Work in Process CV

Work in Process CV

1st draft CV, with annotations.

Although the CV is for my professional futures project, I wanted to include this into the blog as it will effect it at a later date after the Narrative project is complete (Eventually I would like to pass over my over projects work into this blog)

I presume in the future, that Narrative and Professional Futures will overlap from time to time.

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