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Artist Research: Jana Romanova

I found Jana’s work whilst wondering around on http://www.boredpanda.com, the series of work that was being feature is called “Waiting”.



The project consists of 40 images, which corresponds to the 40 weeks of pregnancy. “Waiting” revolves around the subject matters, the soon to be parents, whilst they are asleep. However they also reflect upon the young families living in big cites within modern Russia (Saint Petersburg, Moscow), and “showed their attitudes to each other and the life that is growing inside the family” said Jana.

The subject matter of the photographs are the couples/ families within the photographs, revealing private moments between the couples. Jana’s work has a natural, comforting and endearing feeling and quality to them, showing love and connection between the parents and their unborn children. She would wait till 5 or 6 in the morning to achieve the perfect shots, using natural lighting. The birds eye view down on the subject matter is a different approach and gives the photographs an intriguing vantage point, which was achieve by a ladder.


I find “Waiting” a beautiful photographic series that has taken the normal conventions of pregnancy photography down a different pathway. The reason I have chosen to research Jana’s work is due to the correlation between the subject matter and their beds (which is what I am basing my project around). Although the bed is not the main focal point, it the object that brings the couples together and revealing a representation of a bed in one form.


I have found Jana’s “Waiting” series inspirational for this project, it has opened my eyes up to other possibilities and that the bed does not have to be the main focal point, merely the glue that holds it together. One aspect that I find endearing and one of the most likeable qualities of them is the natural lighting. I would like to try this within my own work, to capture photographs as natural as possible.