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Experiment: Truth or Dare Contact Sheet

After some thinking about this project I am really liking the idea of working with previous photographs in one way or another. So I began by looking through my albums on my laptop, Facebook, my phone and iPhoto. I have so many photos of my friends and University, these images also link into the theme “Life” or “My Life” (I am still a little un-sure where I want to go with this).
To start brain storming my concepts I started by printing out contact sheets of my favourite memories. The first one, one of the more recent times was from a party around my house where we were all playing a game of truth or dare. It was a fantastic evening. Got to smear peanut butter on someones armpit, one person had to eat cream cheese of their toes and I got my hair sprayed up like an Anime girl (I resembled something out of Pokemon). Personally this was a good stepping stone for me to work from.

Contact Sheet: Truth or Dare (1)


Contact Sheet: Truth or Dare (2)


(The images shown above are scanned from my Narrative RDB)

I also think I have a video from that evening, if so I will post it at a later date and include it for research.

There are a few sections within the contact sheet where the images seem to be like a flip book. I think it would be quite interesting to piece these together and create a short video. These short videos might be able to go together into the main digital production. This is something that I need to experiment with.