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The Narrative Project

A new year, a new semester and a new project. The project that we have been given is “Narrative”. Narrative is to construct a story or to tell a story, in this case depicting a story through the photographic medium. For this project I have to create a blog (hence forth Blackthorn Photography) and a RDB (Research and Development Book).

Along side the Blog and RDB I have to construct 2 different forms of Narrative within the same theme (if chosen, which I think I will to keep it simpler for myself). The 1st of these outcomes is to be in a digital format, this can be in the form of a video, slideshow, powerpoint and so on. The 2nd form is to be in a small publication format, such as; a book, postcards, posters and so forth.

For example, from one of my Lectures Natasha Caruana: Theme = Recycling … Have to make a digital outcome for the formative review (roughly 4 weeks time) , this digital outcome could be a slideshow. Create something with a linear narrative. A little video about collecting rubbish and putting it in the bin.
The 2nd outcome: create a book, with a flash-back narrative. The question, How was recycling done in the past?

For this project it is mostly about experimentation, experiment with concepts, themes, structures, mediums and so on. I have many ideas to go on from, so much to explore, some I am not sure if I would want to show them in front of my year group. But that will be something to discuss with lectures at a later date. For now, research and experiment.

So it is time to delve into the depths of Narrative.