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What is Narrative?

In reference to the English Dictionary, Narrative is : 


1. A narrated account; a story.
2. The art, technique, or process of narrating.

1. Consisting of or characterized by the telling of a story: narrative poetry.
2. Of or relating to narration: narrative skill.
Over the years narrative has been used in many different ways, it is a form of social  communication. From the written word; such as J.R.R Tolkien’s and Charles Dickens books, to the use of “Oral” word; within the News or by hand; hieroglyphics and cave paintings. These are all forms of Narrative, the telling or depiction of a story.
Narrative is also present in Photography. The concept of using photography to tell a story interests me. Like many people I have a creative imagination, that has a tendency to run away with itself, getting lost other worlds. As a child I was raised with fairy tales, such as the Grimm’s, Fables and Mythology and throughout life those wonderful stories have stuck with me.
Below are extracts from my lecture notes …
Narrative Genres:
  • Documentary
  • Fiction
  • Scientific
  • Theoretical
  • Poetic
  • Personal / Dairy

Narrative Structures:

  • Linear
  • Random
  • Open ended / Closed
  • Repetition
  • Flashback

Narrative Strategies:

  • Textual Narrative
  • Text as Image
  • Still Image
  • Tableau
  • Moving Image


I will be referring back to these at a later date for further research into Narrative as well as for my experimentation.