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Publication Idea …

For awhile now I have been uming and ahing about how I would like to produce my publication piece for the narrative project. Would they look nice a printed images? Postcards? Book?

I enjoy making small handmade book, I find the process calming and interesting. In a previous project I made an small A5 book about flowers, however I didn’t print the book, I stuck the images in. Although I liked the texture for that project, perhaps it would be nice to make a fully printed book. This is something I will experiment with, I enjoy hand making books, sticking the images in and hand writing it all up, but will it fit with this project or will it look too bulky as I would prefer to create something simple, small and elegant.

But what about the internal content? My plan for this is to keep it simple. Black and white images, 1 image per page, however on the opposite page have text accompanying the image. Perhaps some of my favourite quotes that correlate to the photography, maybe facts/ statistics or maybe even my own words (however this will be a last resort as I am not good at creative writing)


Concepts ….

I suddenly realised in a somewhat state of panic that I haven’t been updating my blog in the sense of concepts. I have been putting my research up, but nothing about the projects themselves. So here are my concept updates:

The concept of this project is revolving around the bed, something that is viewed as a mundane object in our everyday lives. They have been used in many different ways over the years, as depicted in one of my earlier posts. My digital Narrative piece is about me constructing my new bed, which was actually alot of fun to both build and make the video for.

However what about my publication piece?

http://instagram.com/p/nup1Y-vpfG/ – image from work book

During this project I have had 2 ideas, the still life and self – portraiture. The still life idea would be to take mundane objects that we can all relate to in one way or another to stand in for the action. For example: University work, my work book, note, doodles, maybe even laptop. Self- portraiture idea would be to take self portraits on my bed, however defacing them, either my scratching the actual print or digitally. These images would be my, vent, I guess … my way of explaining how I have been feeling the past few years due to depression. My form of art therapy in a sense, helping me to understand. However I am not sure weather or not I feel comfortable doing this.

http://instagram.com/p/nup9GFPpfK/ – image from work book: Still life

http://instagram.com/p/nuqFYZPpfY/– image from work book: Depression on the Bed

For awhile now I have been toying with the idea of still life. I have never done a project involving still life, and I personally believe it could be quite interesting to produce. But what would I use and what areas of the what we use our bed for would I try to re-create? I know that I do not want the bed to be a large factor within the still life shots, I would like some of the cover to visible. The reason for this is because the bed is not the main focal point, it is merely a tool/ comfort that we use to go about whatever it is we are doing.

This is something that I have been experimenting with.




Roadblock …

Recently I have felt like I have hit a roadblock with the Narrative project. My brain is scrambled, my ideas are just up in the air and I am panicing about our mid-term review, which isn’t even mid way through the unit. We have to present our digital piece and I am just un-clear of what I am doing.

So I have decided to re-trace my steps. I am hoping this will give me the kick in the right direction that I need.
The first thing I have started doing is compiling a list of everyone that I may include within my work and if they have given me consent or not (and chasing up the rest of them). This has started off well and has given me the first step to stand on.
Next I have been thinking over my previous ideas. I like the one about the house, however I think, no I know it is purely out of frustration. That would not be the best way to deal with things that have and are happening within the house. I still might include some of the images as I am liking the broad theme of Life, but perhaps not in the original context.

Next, new, fresh idea = WIP and getting there

I have also been recording, video and voice, of me bumbling about life. From making a cup of tea and banging my head in the process, me cleaning my room (although the battery ran out before I finished, as I forgot to charge it), putting my make-up on with all the weird faces I pull. These small mundane aspects of my life have been pushing me forward and it has been quite fun to listen and watch them back. Im not sure if these things will go towards my final outcomes, but they are fun experiments. I will be posting them each up individually later to show my experimentation. I will say this now, please excuse my short weirdness.


Concept: Mr Anxiety

For as long as I can remember, like many others, I have suffered with Anxiety. But explaining how it effects you to someone who doesn’t have it and the addition of not the skill of talking about one’s self … how do you explain it?

The last 2 years, whilst at Uni, my anxiety has been creeping his way back into my life (never truly leaving). These 2 years have been hard. Faced with new challenges. New people. New Friends. Old enemies. Within these 2 years i have finally found a way to show my anxiety without talking about it. This is in the form of Mr Anxiety, the demon on my shoulder, my sins, loss, panic … my anxiety.


I find myself drawing him in many places, but it always depends on my mood. To begin with I simply thought it had something to do with my love for monsters. But a personality began to grow. As well as timing. I only draw him when something is on my mind, I am not in control of something. For example: the image above was drawn when people I valued as friends turned away. Another example: Today, 23rd January 2014 is my Grandmothers birthday who passed away almost 2 years ago. A month after I started uni. I don’t cope well with death, and I still haven’t come to terms with her departure. It has actually made me more fearful. I fear the time when my nan has to go. View image below –


It is a little strange looking back in my work books and seeing this figure dotted all over the pages.


Whilst looking through my folders, note books and sketch books, I realised that I could make some work out of him. I would like to research other artists that have used mix media, drawing on to their work, revealing something behind them. For me, it will be a reflection of Anxiety. Project theme: Life. Keeps it broad. The Narrative, my life, my Mr Anxiety.