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Narrative Video Experiment – I Built a Bed

I finally put together the videos for the “I Built a Bed” and formed a semi final video for a Narrative experiment.
Even though I am not confident with making videos I quite enjoying this. It may be a little rough at times and the frames don’t quite flow together, but for a first attempt I am happy with the turn out.

I decided not to involve music at this current stage because 1: I was un-sure what type of music to put over the top. 2: We live in a world where we are constantly surrounded by noise. My head is full of noise, it won’t ever shut up (hence the bags under my eyes). The lack of noise gives the video a sense of stillness in a otherwise busy and somewhat stressful scenario. This is the kind of atmosphere that I wanted to create. (at the time I had my music blaring so it is a different contrast) There are a 2 scenes where there is sound. The 1st I am talking to the camera about a mistake I did, putting the side panels on the wrong sides and 2nd when my fiancee comes home. These 2 small scene break that sense of stillness just enough.

The reason why I decided to film me building the bed is because it is a mundane scenario, a little out of the everyday standard (I would hate to do that everyday, but it would build up your muscles though) and these are aspects of our day to day life that often get over looked, simply because they are everyday things we do. I enjoy the things in life that we take for granted or overlook, I personally find them very interesting. However, I strongly believe that everything we do, each individual has an interesting life. It just depends on how you look at it.

For this project I am really liking the concept of mundane and my life. This is a mundane aspect of my life that I decided to do. (Also I couldn’t wait for John to come and build our bed and the last one he made broke). It is also taking me out of my comfort zone. Although I like doing self-portraiture, I tend to hide my identity from the camera and those around me. I am introvert. I like my peace and quite as well as my boundaries and bubble. This is a slice of my life. Showing people a little bit of me. For example when John comes home, I never act like that with anyone other than him, and no one really see’s that side of me but him.

The video was made in iMovie and is a little over 5minutes. Each scene is sped up x20. Maybe I should have this playing in the background https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZeGW5sBfvo
I sped it up not only because I thought it looked better in this speed rather than x8, but also to shorten the video, with before hand was almost going on 10 minutes. I have a short attention span, if I wouldn’t sit through and watch it I am sure others wouldn’t.

Experiment: Messing Around Contact Sheet

Here is another contact sheet of happy moments around the house. Between myself and Michael most we would always play fight (I am a larper and he was getting into it, so we would use pillows or brooms). This is only a small collection of photographs as it’s hard to use a camera and a broom stick at the same time. Image

(The image above are scanned from my Narrative RDB)

Although these photographs are nothing spectacular, they show a representation of the house and the people within it. That is what I wanted to capture, even if they do resemble snap shots. They reflect apart of my life that has been and gone, but I will always have the memories.

Experiment: Garden Contact Sheet

Another contact sheet of a happy moment in this house. At the beginning of our tenancy we had to sort out the garden as part of the tenancy agreement. I didn’t take many photographs as I was helping out with the gardening and by the time we finished we were all too tired.


(The image above are scanned from my Narrative RDB)

The reason why I like these photographs is because up until I moved into this accommodation gardening was one of those things that was far away, yet it is now part of our responsibility. It is another aspect of life, that I have realised is necessary in a strange way (well and to keep the landlord happy). I am as far from green thumb as can be. I can not even look after a pepper plant … mine died a horrible death of over watered and my mint plant died of dehydration … god knows what happened to my Strawberry plant.

Anyway, these photographs reflect upon that notion of my life and how it has changed, as well as a good memory involving friends in our new house.

Concept of Anger

So concepts for Narrative, I think the best way to explain what it is like inside my brain is “Imagine you had thousands of tabs open on your Internet, try sorting through all of them at once”. That is my brain 24/7. However one thing that keeps popping into my head as I walk around this hovel that I share with 3 other students. The house … the students … the relationships … Now I am not sure weather I am thinking this out of, perhaps bitterness, vindictivity or perhaps sheer fuming anger which is hard to get me to that stage. But I am one of those people that will not confront people directly. I prefer to kill with kindness, not upright anger.

The house … The Narrative project

I have always thought art was therapeutic; this could be a key chance to get things off of my chest in a non-direct way.  But would that be too far? Would the people I live with know?

These are some things that have been popping up in my mind, yet I am sat there thinking to myself how much this project could turn out quite well. On the other hand …

Perhaps it is time I gained confidence and took a step from a comfort zone. If people can treat me poorly, then maybe … just maybe I can reflect upon all of this through my work. 

I took this image in the morning today, I’m not sure why, but it infuriated me. I do not use the bathroom bin. It’s small, no one likes cleaning it and it normally smells for reasons for your safety of keeping down you lunch I will not tell. I use my own in my bedroom or take it down to the main bin. Common sense …

Apparently not …