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First shoot: Still life

The first shoot that I did was for the still life idea.I have been trying to figure out what objects to use, I wanted to use fairly mundane objects to represent the different aspects of what a bed is used for. I think I am sticking with a general use of beds, not simply what I use it for as I have an idea to use death and I am still quite alive.

The first thing I started to think about what what aspects do I want to show? Which ones interest me?

  • Sex
  • Medicine
  • Gaming
  • TV
  • Reading
  • Eating
  • Work
  • Death

Since the beginning of the project I have known that I would like to produce black and white images, I am not entirely sure why, I have just had the intention to do so. Perhaps Duane Michaels work inspired me.

From here I explored my surrounding to find objects that correlated with my ideas. The first shoot was comprised of:

  • Sex
  • TV
  • Gaming
  • Medicine

I was please with how the turned out, especially the sex images.

http://instagram.com/p/nuqRzPvpff/ – Still life contact sheet image

If I continue with this idea what is the narrative behind my work?

The Narrative would be what we use our beds for. A short and simple narrative


Experiment: Messing Around Contact Sheet

Here is another contact sheet of happy moments around the house. Between myself and Michael most we would always play fight (I am a larper and he was getting into it, so we would use pillows or brooms). This is only a small collection of photographs as it’s hard to use a camera and a broom stick at the same time. Image

(The image above are scanned from my Narrative RDB)

Although these photographs are nothing spectacular, they show a representation of the house and the people within it. That is what I wanted to capture, even if they do resemble snap shots. They reflect apart of my life that has been and gone, but I will always have the memories.

Experiment: Garden Contact Sheet

Another contact sheet of a happy moment in this house. At the beginning of our tenancy we had to sort out the garden as part of the tenancy agreement. I didn’t take many photographs as I was helping out with the gardening and by the time we finished we were all too tired.


(The image above are scanned from my Narrative RDB)

The reason why I like these photographs is because up until I moved into this accommodation gardening was one of those things that was far away, yet it is now part of our responsibility. It is another aspect of life, that I have realised is necessary in a strange way (well and to keep the landlord happy). I am as far from green thumb as can be. I can not even look after a pepper plant … mine died a horrible death of over watered and my mint plant died of dehydration … god knows what happened to my Strawberry plant.

Anyway, these photographs reflect upon that notion of my life and how it has changed, as well as a good memory involving friends in our new house.

Experiment: Truth or Dare Contact Sheet

After some thinking about this project I am really liking the idea of working with previous photographs in one way or another. So I began by looking through my albums on my laptop, Facebook, my phone and iPhoto. I have so many photos of my friends and University, these images also link into the theme “Life” or “My Life” (I am still a little un-sure where I want to go with this).
To start brain storming my concepts I started by printing out contact sheets of my favourite memories. The first one, one of the more recent times was from a party around my house where we were all playing a game of truth or dare. It was a fantastic evening. Got to smear peanut butter on someones armpit, one person had to eat cream cheese of their toes and I got my hair sprayed up like an Anime girl (I resembled something out of Pokemon). Personally this was a good stepping stone for me to work from.

Contact Sheet: Truth or Dare (1)


Contact Sheet: Truth or Dare (2)


(The images shown above are scanned from my Narrative RDB)

I also think I have a video from that evening, if so I will post it at a later date and include it for research.

There are a few sections within the contact sheet where the images seem to be like a flip book. I think it would be quite interesting to piece these together and create a short video. These short videos might be able to go together into the main digital production. This is something that I need to experiment with.

Guildford Road … Pg 1 Contact Sheet Preview

Guildford Road ... Pg 1 Contact Sheet Preview

Here is the 1st page of on contact sheet from a small collection of photographs that I have been working on since 24th October 2013. I live in a share student accommodation with 2 people I lived with the previous year, 1 person from my course and my fiancee.

The photographs are very mundane and are of things that a lot of people see. To be honest, these photos to begin with where just a way of me getting things off of my mind or as a distraction. I have an extremely over active mind that goes wondering and dwells on things without giving up.

This set was the first that I photographed. It was just after I got home from America for the first time meeting my fiancees family. When we got home things felt … different and they started to change if not had already. We both tried to get on with our lives and ignore but everything around us kept pulling us towards problems. Anyway during this time I decided to start photographing the house, without the people in it. 1 reason was a form of stress relief. Sitting behind the camera is relaxing, just me, the camera and the subject. Another reason was because it was the 1 year anniversary of my Grandmothers death which I still have’t gotten over or come to terms with. Life is a fickle thing …
Then a few days before Halloween my Uncle passed away from cancer very suddenly. All of these things mounted on top of each other and I become very stressed.

The mess of the house in one respect is almost like a reflection of my own head and heart. Quite possibly of life itself.

These photographers are an experiment for the Narrative project, possibly revolving around life. It is a broad theme, which means I can keep an open mind and experiment with it a lot. But we shall see what comes out of it. Maybe I could make a book out of these images … who knows.