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Publication Idea …

For awhile now I have been uming and ahing about how I would like to produce my publication piece for the narrative project. Would they look nice a printed images? Postcards? Book?

I enjoy making small handmade book, I find the process calming and interesting. In a previous project I made an small A5 book about flowers, however I didn’t print the book, I stuck the images in. Although I liked the texture for that project, perhaps it would be nice to make a fully printed book. This is something I will experiment with, I enjoy hand making books, sticking the images in and hand writing it all up, but will it fit with this project or will it look too bulky as I would prefer to create something simple, small and elegant.

But what about the internal content? My plan for this is to keep it simple. Black and white images, 1 image per page, however on the opposite page have text accompanying the image. Perhaps some of my favourite quotes that correlate to the photography, maybe facts/ statistics or maybe even my own words (however this will be a last resort as I am not good at creative writing)


Narrative Formative Review

The other day I had a formative review for the Narrative project, I was really nervous about showing my video and considering I was thinking about changing my idea. However I am happy that I showed https://blackthornphotography.wordpress.com/2014/02/12/narrative-experiment-i-built-a-bed/ 

Here are the notes from the formative review that one of my peers kindly wrote down whilst I was talking and listening to the lectures:

* It links to silent movie soundtracks, maybe explore that process of black and white.

* Great material, could do with be editing further, the footage is great.

* Title “you cheeky monkey.”??? – because of what John says (he actually said you cheeky little shit)

* Look at Laurel & Hardy, Charlie Chaplin.

* On the Times website is the 10 best silent movies.

* Look at beds in general, beds are an iconic object.

* Book: Suburbia by Bill Owens. – reference to a bed being a symbol of sex. Private and then public by nature.

* Look at a tableau image to try and tell a story in one frame

I am going to be building off of the lectures and my peers feed back from that review. I am very please and I quite like the concept of basing my project around beds. It is something that we often over look. I personally think that I was trying to make my project a little too complicated, or more to the point, I was over thinking it.

First thing first I think is to research beds, then go on from there and research what has been suggested to me.

Consent or Non Consent …

So after a tutorial with Natasha I decided it would be a good idea to go about asking the possible subjects for consent to use images of them that I have taken. I have compiled a list (which is ever growing) of people that I have a lot of photos of and that I may use for my project. As you can see in the image below I am still working my way through the list and still adding to it as I go along. I have to say I am quite surprised at the amount of people that gave me permission to us photographs of them … whatever shall I do?


(Scanned in from my Narrative RDB)

Concept of Anger

So concepts for Narrative, I think the best way to explain what it is like inside my brain is “Imagine you had thousands of tabs open on your Internet, try sorting through all of them at once”. That is my brain 24/7. However one thing that keeps popping into my head as I walk around this hovel that I share with 3 other students. The house … the students … the relationships … Now I am not sure weather I am thinking this out of, perhaps bitterness, vindictivity or perhaps sheer fuming anger which is hard to get me to that stage. But I am one of those people that will not confront people directly. I prefer to kill with kindness, not upright anger.

The house … The Narrative project

I have always thought art was therapeutic; this could be a key chance to get things off of my chest in a non-direct way.  But would that be too far? Would the people I live with know?

These are some things that have been popping up in my mind, yet I am sat there thinking to myself how much this project could turn out quite well. On the other hand …

Perhaps it is time I gained confidence and took a step from a comfort zone. If people can treat me poorly, then maybe … just maybe I can reflect upon all of this through my work. 

I took this image in the morning today, I’m not sure why, but it infuriated me. I do not use the bathroom bin. It’s small, no one likes cleaning it and it normally smells for reasons for your safety of keeping down you lunch I will not tell. I use my own in my bedroom or take it down to the main bin. Common sense …

Apparently not …