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The Bed

Here is my final video for the Narrative digital piece. The narrative is the construction of my new bed. The music used in the video is “Fig Leaf Rag” by Scott Joplin.  I am so happy to have finally finished the video and to see it up on youtube.

(If anyone else would like to download the soundtrack for themselves click the link below.
http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html/index.html?genre=Silent+Film+Score&page=1 )

Concepts ….

I suddenly realised in a somewhat state of panic that I haven’t been updating my blog in the sense of concepts. I have been putting my research up, but nothing about the projects themselves. So here are my concept updates:

The concept of this project is revolving around the bed, something that is viewed as a mundane object in our everyday lives. They have been used in many different ways over the years, as depicted in one of my earlier posts. My digital Narrative piece is about me constructing my new bed, which was actually alot of fun to both build and make the video for.

However what about my publication piece?

http://instagram.com/p/nup1Y-vpfG/ – image from work book

During this project I have had 2 ideas, the still life and self – portraiture. The still life idea would be to take mundane objects that we can all relate to in one way or another to stand in for the action. For example: University work, my work book, note, doodles, maybe even laptop. Self- portraiture idea would be to take self portraits on my bed, however defacing them, either my scratching the actual print or digitally. These images would be my, vent, I guess … my way of explaining how I have been feeling the past few years due to depression. My form of art therapy in a sense, helping me to understand. However I am not sure weather or not I feel comfortable doing this.

http://instagram.com/p/nup9GFPpfK/ – image from work book: Still life

http://instagram.com/p/nuqFYZPpfY/– image from work book: Depression on the Bed

For awhile now I have been toying with the idea of still life. I have never done a project involving still life, and I personally believe it could be quite interesting to produce. But what would I use and what areas of the what we use our bed for would I try to re-create? I know that I do not want the bed to be a large factor within the still life shots, I would like some of the cover to visible. The reason for this is because the bed is not the main focal point, it is merely a tool/ comfort that we use to go about whatever it is we are doing.

This is something that I have been experimenting with.




Artist Research: Jana Romanova

I found Jana’s work whilst wondering around on http://www.boredpanda.com, the series of work that was being feature is called “Waiting”.



The project consists of 40 images, which corresponds to the 40 weeks of pregnancy. “Waiting” revolves around the subject matters, the soon to be parents, whilst they are asleep. However they also reflect upon the young families living in big cites within modern Russia (Saint Petersburg, Moscow), and “showed their attitudes to each other and the life that is growing inside the family” said Jana.

The subject matter of the photographs are the couples/ families within the photographs, revealing private moments between the couples. Jana’s work has a natural, comforting and endearing feeling and quality to them, showing love and connection between the parents and their unborn children. She would wait till 5 or 6 in the morning to achieve the perfect shots, using natural lighting. The birds eye view down on the subject matter is a different approach and gives the photographs an intriguing vantage point, which was achieve by a ladder.


I find “Waiting” a beautiful photographic series that has taken the normal conventions of pregnancy photography down a different pathway. The reason I have chosen to research Jana’s work is due to the correlation between the subject matter and their beds (which is what I am basing my project around). Although the bed is not the main focal point, it the object that brings the couples together and revealing a representation of a bed in one form.


I have found Jana’s “Waiting” series inspirational for this project, it has opened my eyes up to other possibilities and that the bed does not have to be the main focal point, merely the glue that holds it together. One aspect that I find endearing and one of the most likeable qualities of them is the natural lighting. I would like to try this within my own work, to capture photographs as natural as possible.





What do we use our Beds for?

  • Life – generally speaking we are both conceived and born in a bed
  • Death – once again, generally speaking we die in beds (also Coffins resemble beds- personal opinion)
  • Relaxation – Comfort
  • Reading
  • Gaming – for example: My TV is at the foot of my bed so I can TV and play games from the comfort of my bed
  • Work- for example: I do most of my university work on my bed. There is more room to spread out rather than on the desk, is far more comfortable and comfortable.
  • Sleep – Dreaming
  • Sex – generally speaking this is the most common place to have sex and is normally the place were we loose our virginity.
  • Entertainment comfort

Beds are used for many things, other than just sleeping. So, how will I link these into my photography project? I think it is time to research photographers who have used or included the bed as a subject matter.

I have a few concepts that are bouncing around in my head at the moment, such as photographing the day to day aspects that occur on my bed, perhaps doing this in a minimalist manner – still life perhaps to stand in for the actual people or everyday subject. These are things to consider along side research.

Beds …

What is a Bed? 

  • A piece of furniture upon which or within a person sleeps, rests or stays when not well
  • The mattress and bed clothes together with the bedstead of a bed
  • The bedstead alone
  • The act of sleeping

How many years of our lifetime do you spend sleeping? 

Roughly 1/3 of the years of that individuals lifetime, for example: 60 years old = 20 years spent sleeping


Across the centuries and in many cultures, the bed was considered an important item of furniture, an indication of their status. For example: Ancient Egypt, beds were not only used for sleeping, but also social entertainment and a place to eat meals upon.


But wat do we use our beds for in 2014?

Narrative Formative Review

The other day I had a formative review for the Narrative project, I was really nervous about showing my video and considering I was thinking about changing my idea. However I am happy that I showed https://blackthornphotography.wordpress.com/2014/02/12/narrative-experiment-i-built-a-bed/ 

Here are the notes from the formative review that one of my peers kindly wrote down whilst I was talking and listening to the lectures:

* It links to silent movie soundtracks, maybe explore that process of black and white.

* Great material, could do with be editing further, the footage is great.

* Title “you cheeky monkey.”??? – because of what John says (he actually said you cheeky little shit)

* Look at Laurel & Hardy, Charlie Chaplin.

* On the Times website is the 10 best silent movies.

* Look at beds in general, beds are an iconic object.

* Book: Suburbia by Bill Owens. – reference to a bed being a symbol of sex. Private and then public by nature.

* Look at a tableau image to try and tell a story in one frame

I am going to be building off of the lectures and my peers feed back from that review. I am very please and I quite like the concept of basing my project around beds. It is something that we often over look. I personally think that I was trying to make my project a little too complicated, or more to the point, I was over thinking it.

First thing first I think is to research beds, then go on from there and research what has been suggested to me.

Surprise I Made a Bed!

This video links in with https://blackthornphotography.wordpress.com/2014/02/05/experiment-i-built-a-bed/

I decided after all my hard work to surprise my fiancee and record him seeing the bed all put up. It was fun recording this and seeing his reaction. I will be posting the video of me actually building the bed later on once I have edited it and uploaded it to youtube.

It is strange hearing your own voice on video and I really don’t like listening to myself. The reason I have decided to use this as part of my experimentation is to do with my possible theme of “Life” or better yet “My Life”. I love surprising John and I strangely enjoy the mundane aspects of life (apart from washing up as I hate putting my hands in water other than shower or bath) Everyone’s life is interesting in different ways, even the every day aspects. Although a lot of us follow the same day to day rituals to a certain extent, but we all do them in different ways.

Although building a bed is a little out of the day to day, it is sill something mundane. I guess that is what I want to show. My life, even the mundane. From building a bed, interactions with friends and family, working, sleeping to putting make-up on.

Also, would this classify as a performance piece?

Experiment – I Built a Bed

For the past 4 months, myself and my fiancee bed has been broken. So we have been sleeping on a mattress, which is very uncomfortable. Anyway, today we received our replacement and as a surprise for my fiancee I decided to record me doing it. 1 because I thought it would be funny seeing someone who is 4ft 11 building a bed where the only thing small than themselves are the bed slates, and secondly, my Narrative project is based around life. This is an aspect of my life.

Recording it was a little bit tedious. It was a mixture of running out of memory card space (need to invest in a few more memory cards and the the battery died), and trying to record on my iPod which has barely any memory on it. Im not sure what I will do with the videos, I would like to put them together and speed them up. Almost like a speed painting. One thing I will say is that I wish I had rented out a tripod to get a better angle and perhaps better lighting, however that would give it more of a staged impression.

I will be posting the videos later on, but in the mean time, here are some of the photos I took on my phone.


We had to take our bed apart before they delivered the new one, otherwise we wouldn’t get our new bed.


The new bed parts all nicely packaged up. Couldn’t wait to get started on building it …


The main frame of the bed is completed.


Having a bit of an OCD moment with making sure the slates are all perfect and straight … I swear they are still wonky though.


The final thing accompanied by fresh bed sheets and creepy teddies peering over the top of the rails.


However … I made a wee bit of a mess …


And a bit more over here …


And a lot more over here. I had to rearrange the whole of the room to get this bed build.