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Got my Grades Back …

Today I received my grades for Vision and Knowledge, which was my project for last term. I struggled with this quite a lot, and I honestly wish that I had listened to what I wanted to do, not being persuaded otherwise by tutors. Looking back on that time I am very proud of the out come and the work that I actually produce. Seeing the grades has also given me a new insight to my the photographs that I produced and for that I am thankful.

For the Portfolio, which is the final images produced I got  a B. For the book work (RDB) and the oral presentation I got C’s. I am so proud of this and it just proves with a little push no matter what you are going through and the determination to prove people wrong you can do anything.

After the Narrative project and I have my finals and work book back I will scan them in to show what I did for the project.