Experiment: Garden Contact Sheet

Another contact sheet of a happy moment in this house. At the beginning of our tenancy we had to sort out the garden as part of the tenancy agreement. I didn’t take many photographs as I was helping out with the gardening and by the time we finished we were all too tired.


(The image above are scanned from my Narrative RDB)

The reason why I like these photographs is because up until I moved into this accommodation gardening was one of those things that was far away, yet it is now part of our responsibility. It is another aspect of life, that I have realised is necessary in a strange way (well and to keep the landlord happy). I am as far from green thumb as can be. I can not even look after a pepper plant … mine died a horrible death of over watered and my mint plant died of dehydration … god knows what happened to my Strawberry plant.

Anyway, these photographs reflect upon that notion of my life and how it has changed, as well as a good memory involving friends in our new house.

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